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Naturally and beautiful!

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What part of the interior the owners rarely pay attention to? Why is the floor of wood is so in demand? How important is the processing?

Despite everything new ..

There is a detail in the interior of any home, which many owners do not pay attention to, so to speak, as an aesthetic component, and, in fact, without it there is no design of the room! Do not know what is about? About the floor!

After all, from what the floor will be, in the sense of what material, what color and structure, it will depend on what the walls and even the ceiling should be. But the problem is that the floor, first of all, the floor carries a functional load – people are put on it and people go. Therefore, recently began to enjoy the array of floor boards. It looks both practical and attractive at the same time. In addition, such material easily “fits” into any geometry of the room.

The choice that obliges ..

Although, of course, ideal solutions, as you know, do not exist. The tree, as a material, has a number of advantages, but there are disadvantages. For example, the tree must be correctly treated so that the pests do not spoil it. Although, of course, a massive color board of the bleached oak, due to natural qualities, is initially well opposed to this threat. In most cases.

Also, the issue of processing such a material is quite seriously. After all, a massive board from Russia, if it comes to quality material, looks advantageous just if the entire processing cycle was carried out as competently as possible. This applies to both preliminary stages and those that are carried out already when designing a home – assembly, polishing and other operations. Moreover, many people like a tree of a natural color, not changed by special processing methods. Although, it looks if the entire interior of the room is solved in the same style.

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