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Necessary tools for plumbing work

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Before starting plumbing work in the bathroom, you should stock up on tools. They are specific enough and therefore it is not easy to find replacement for them. In order not to be in a stupid position, when it is time to mount the pipes, but there is no desired tool, and because of this you will have to sit for longer without water, stock up on the most important plumbing tools.

You will definitely need pipe keys. More universal universal keys that may have an accurate setting. For example, the key is the key to the STD-916/4.

When you need to cut the pipe, you need a cutting tool. The easiest is a hacksaw. The canvas should be installed so that it is directed to the metal. Different number of rollers are also used. The more of them, the greater the diameter of the pipe can be covered.

The thread is cut with ducks. Dies are inserted into them, which cut the thread. There are dicks with two handles, and there are rattles. The latter are used when it is impossible to get to the pipe due.

Used in plumbing and pipelines. There are also different types of pipelines, but at home, manual are most often used, which have different pads in the kit.

Finally, various dowels-nails and dowels-screws are very widely used. It is impossible to purchase all of them, because there are a lot of types. Therefore, they must be purchased immediately before work.

Of course, you should not talk about such tools as a hammer, a levelmaster, a plumb line: they should be at hand all the time.

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