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A little information about car brake systems

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So, we continue our topic. In the last article, we focused on the fact that if the engine suddenly begins to stall at idle, there may be a malfunction of the vacuum amplifier. Verifying the performance of a vacuum amplifier is quite simple. Put your foot on the brake pedal and, starting the engine, click on it. If the pedal smoothly and gently drops under load, then the vacuum amplifier works properly, if, it remains in place, the amplifier has failed. As for ABS, it is possible to check its work without resorting to the help of specialists, but still, it is recommended to do this in the service in which the appropriate equipment is available. If you have doubts about the serviceable operation of ABS, turn on the ignition in the car without starting the power unit. The control light should glow. The engine starting field should go out the light bulb. During movement, when ABS is involved, the control light does not “resemble” about itself, so ABS works fine. Otherwise, it is necessary to go to the repair service. Also, you should pay attention to the issue of acquiring and installing new brake mechanisms of the system in the car (wheels, pads, calipers assembly cylinders). They should only be original, wealthy quality guarantees, and fully comply with the recommendations of the car manufacturer. We wish you safe movement! Useful information: If you like Mercedes cars, you can go to the site

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