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What to pay attention to when moving from an apartment to the house

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Probably everyone who at least once moved to a new house was an acute need to make repairs in his apartment. And it is not always possible to do everything necessary, only with the help of small cosmetic procedures.

Sometimes you need to make a complete, even major repairs of the entire room.

What to pay attention to

If you bought yourself an apartment in a new building, then you should not make repairs immediately after the purchase. The fact is that the whole house in the first few years after construction can be a little comfortable, as a result of which the walls sometimes crack and your entire beautiful expensive repairs can go to dust.

But if everything, you want to live there right away, then make a cosmetic repairs, and leave an expensive luxurious finish for later. Then you do not have to re -install suspended ceilings and change beautiful wallpaper.

True, and saving on building materials is also not particularly worth it, because then everything will deteriorate even earlier than it was assumed, there are special materials that are not subjected to shrinkage and can last for many years.

If the apartment was purchased from the old owners, then, most likely, it already has repairs and often very good. True, in this case, the problem may arise due to the fact that the workers who were repairing this apartment before you could make many mistakes, as a result of which there are problems that will need to be solved directly to you.

Usually to make repairs is much easier than remaking what has already been. Yes, and workers’ brigades rarely agree to finish work for someone, because they do not know what mistakes could be made earlier.

In this case, light cosmetic repair can develop into a major.

And you can encounter, in fact, with many problems. For example, the wrong, or even illegal redevelopment. It is also possible that the workers incorrectly installed ventilation systems, did not take into account the humidity of the room during the installation of electrical devices. And the walls with the ceiling can simply be obscured.

So, when making repairs, keep in mind all these factors and remember that repairs are a serious matter, which needs to be approached with all possible responsibility.

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