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Frequent errors when creating a roof in a country house

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Application “Bulgarians”

It may seem to everyone that a sheet of metal tiles can be cut and there will be no problem. But this is considered a gross violation, because during cutting, heated, the abrasive disk burns out zinc.  In those places where an incision was made, there is a process of corrosion. In addition, sparks fly from the “Bolkarka”, which can cause rusty subteces, getting to the surface of the roof.  In order to cut steel sheets, experts recommend the use of electrician or electrician.

Lack of sealing under the skate

Many show inattention to the recommendations of specialists who focus on installing the seal under the skate. This can lead to the fact that a lot of snow was formed in the undercarbon space, as a result, flowing and freezing occurs.

The use of poor -quality screws

If you use low -quality self -tapping screws, you risk that the fasteners can get out and moisture, in turn, will fall into a subcutaneous space and corrosion will begin at the place of attachment.  4.8×28 stainless steel screws are recommended.  So the roofing screw should have a puck with the gasket of the EPDM and the head, which is covered with paint.  In order to determine the quality of the screw, it is necessary to squeeze the puck with passengers. If the self -propemed screw, its painted surface, as well as the gasket will remain intact.

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