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Hyundai cars may prohibit Russia in Russia

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Russian from Rostov-on-Don suits the Korean automaker. The car regularly jams the steering wheel, but the service center refuses to recognize the presence of a malfunction. In his lawsuit, a man demands to ban the sale of Hyundai cars in Russia.

The Rostov-on-Don Railway Court is conducting office work on the claim of Russian citizen Vladimir Kulakov against the world famous automotive company from Korea Hyundai. The plaintiff demands to hold the automakers and compensate for the moral damage caused to him.

It is reported that he estimated the amount of moral damage at one hundred million rubles. In addition, the plaintiff requires to completely prohibit the sale of Hyundai cars in our country.

The reason that prompted Vladimir Kulakov to go to court was that 2 months after the official dealer of the Hyundai i40 business class was acquired by the car, when moving repeatedly, the steering system was jammed, which caused several critical moments that threaten life and health directly Kulakova and his closest relatives, including his spouse and 2 young children.

The main defendant was recognized by “Hyundai Motor Pany”, but the list of the importing company Hyundai Motor CIS and enterprises from Kaliningrad LLC Ellada Interd, which produced Russian pre -collection of Hyundai LLC, also features the main defendant.

The interests of the plaintiff in court are represented by Rostislav Rychanov. He explained that Vladimir Kulakov repeatedly appealed to the official service center with complaints about the fault of the steering system, but each time the representatives of the center returned the car, assuring the client that there were no problems with the management.

The manufacturing company itself has not yet responded to a preliminary claim. The inspection company in its statement indicated that she does not intend to bear any responsibility for what happened.

The defender also clarified that one of the applications to the statement of claim contains an expert opinion, which clearly says that the probability of a steering system jacket is indicated even in the “Automobile Director Guide”, an outstanding car owner along with all accompanying documents for Hyundai and Kia.

The lawyer believes that the likelihood of this malfunction itself is already a serious violation that does not allow such machines to be the road users Hyundai and Kia. Cars with such violations, according to Rychanov, cannot receive security certificates.

Vladimir Kulakov, having filed a lawsuit, is trying to return the full cost of a problem car, compensate for the moral damage caused to him and make up for some of his other financial losses associated with the use of this car. In addition, he demands that the defendants pay him a fine for refusing to fulfill the requirements of the consumer established by law. The value of this fine is declared at the amount of 50% of the amount determined by the judges in the claim.

Kulakov also requires the judge to issue several private rulings to the corresponding departments. He asks to oblige Rospotrebnadzor to ban the sale of Hyundai and Kia cars, as well as withdraw the already sold cars.

In addition, according to the claim, Kulakov intends to call the Investigative Committee to institute criminal proceedings against the leaders of the Korean auto company, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation – to the implementation of better control over the production and assembly of vehicles in Russia, and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation to file a lawsuit in protecting the rights of the rights all owners and possible buyers of Korean vehicles.

Kulakov’s lawyer noted that in this case, the judicial system is forced to face the first claim presented by a Russian citizen against a foreign company located abroad.

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