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Wall masonry made of concrete and slag concrete stones

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When building buildings, experienced and qualified specialists – masonry are needed. They are versed in all the intricacies of masonry from different material. Consider an example of laying concrete stones and slag concrete stones.

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Concrete ordinary and slag concrete stones are made continuous and hollow. There are basic and additional. The latter are used to form quarters in the openings and for dressing masonry, have the size of ¾ or ½ from the main stone.

The size of the stones allows you to build walls with a thickness of 90mm; 190mm; 240mm; 290mm; 390mm and more. A mass of stones is used to lay the walls of buildings, from 14 kg to 25 kg, and for laying the foundation and walls for basements from 28 kg to 32 kg.

The masonry of continuous and hollow stones is made by shifting transverse vertical seams in the ranks of the border on ¼ or ½ stone. The sequence of operations is identical, brickwork, and techniques for performing some operations correspond to masonry from ceramic stones. The solution for such masonry is made with mobility corresponding to the drowning of the cone by 9-13cm.

The dressing of masonry from continuous and outflowing stones, having smooth ends, is made according to a three in -line system, laying a number of joints then two spoon rows.

The seams in the masonry of concrete stones have a horizontal thickness – 12mm, vertically – 10mm (identical to brickwork).

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