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Methods for removing concrete skirting boards what to choose

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There are three ways to remove concrete plinth. The first is to completely demolish it with a perforator. The way is good, but quite laborious and very noisy. The neighbors will clearly not be delighted. In the second method, the baseboard remains in place and only the floor level rises. This is carried out due to the thicker layer of glue. The method itself is not bad, but costly, because accordingly it will be required more money for repairs. And the laying process is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The third and most optimal option is the cladding of the skirting board strips of tiles. It is worth noting that this method is quite complicated, but the result will be wonderful.

In the toilet, the tile creeps in two stages. At the first stage, the bulk of the whole tiles on the required surface is laid out. At the second stage, fitting and cutting out of those parts of the floor where whole tiles could not fit.

Work should start from the entrance, moving gradually forward. For work, two spatulas should be used, one to apply glue to the surface of the tile and the second comb to smear glue along the tile. Maybe another option for applying glue, it is applied directly to the floor. In terms of practicality, both methods are exactly the same, so you can only choose.

Check how smoothly the tile is, you can use the level. Between the tiles, plastic crosses are necessarily inserted into the seams, at least 2 mm thick. It is advisable, before installing the next cross, to walk along the entire length of the seam to clean it and then it will be much easier to wipe. In the case when the glue layer is very thick and the tiles are “floating”, then they should be fixed from the sides with something. After laying whole tiles, you need to stop working for a day and let the glue dry. And only then proceed to laying cuts. Cut the tiles should be using a tile cutter.

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