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Seat Leon Cupra R is a new generation of Hot Hatch

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Recently, information has leaked to the Internet that the Spanish automobile concern SEAT is preparing a new generation of the Leon Cupra R hatchback. Despite the fact that the model will appear only next year, some data about it are still known.

Seat Leon Cupra r 3-door

The Spaniards do not consider themselves a guru in terms of the production of “hot” hatchbacks, so they are expressed quite modestly about their successes. But the current generation Cupra R will not leave anyone indifferent. Recall that the current generation of the model was first published not so long ago, in 2015. It is known that for the future generation Cupra R, the company’s specialists developed a special plastic body kit, which significantly improves the aerodynamic indicators of the car and gives it even greater sports.

In addition, the new model will be equipped with wheel discs of special design and have four chrome exhaust pipe pipe. Most likely, such innovations will be on the usual version of Seat Leon. This is due to the one, the Cupra R version will be available in both 3-door and 5-door design. About the interior of the news of the information at least. It is expected that the main ideas of the current “charged” hatchback will be preserved in it, and some elements borrowed from the interior Seat Leon III will be present. The fact that the novelty can be equipped with sports seats should not be lost, and the salon will only be designed for four passengers.

Seat Leon Cupra R 5-door

As for the technical filling, then everything is quite interesting here. The Spaniards plan to equip their model with the EA888 engine, the power of which is 305 lords. A similar power unit is also installed in the Audi S3. The operating volume of the engine is 2 liters, it has a KKK turbocharger to 04 and combined fuel is injected. The maximum torque is 380 nm. It is expected that this power plant will work in tandem with the “robot” DSG. In addition, the Spaniards plan to equip their “hot” permanent all -wheel drive, built on the basis of an electro -hydraulic multi -disc clowing, which is paired with a constant pretext. Why is it necessary? To improve dynamics cars.

If the aforemented Audi S3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km. The engine assistant is a 6-speed mechanical transmission, which in a year will go into being. The changes in the chassis are silent about the changes in terms of the chassis, therefore it suggests that they will be left unchanged. And it makes sense to make any changes to this node simply. Even in the current generation of Seat Leon Cupra R there is a high -quality suspension, MacPherson racks are installed in front, and an independent multi -link structure is installed behind. However, some sources write that the Spanish manufacturer for the new generation of the model prepares a special sports suspension with low road lumen.

The development of a new generation of “hot” hatch is in full swing, and the Spaniards plan to show the first semi-serial samples next year. However, sometimes information appears on the network that due to insufficient funding, the company may refuse to release this model. Recall that the current version of Seat Leon Cupra R is available in Russia at a price of 1,151,000 rubles.

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