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Do not save, otherwise it will come out “sideways”

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The desire to save, of course, is a completely understandable desire of a person, only sometimes a sort of saving comes out “sideways” – we are talking about car seats for children. How all this happens? The driver who suddenly appears in the cabin of the car a small passenger, goes to the store and buys a children’s holding device there, not at all worrying that it could not cope with its task in the event of an accident. He believes that his duty and the requirement of the law fulfilled.

But what is distinguished by Romer Safefix Plus TT from a rootless craft? Safety! If Romer products are safe and checked on their own acceleration devices to identify critical loads, then the rootless craft simply looks like a chair, but in practice no one has experienced safety. And if in a rootless chair the child is at the time of the frontal clash, then: – he can fly along with the chair and (or) straps forward, into the windshield; -due to non-earnings or improper distribution of loads, get multiple bruises and fractures incompatible with life; – Break the neck. If the blow is lateral, then: – a fracture of the neck is possible; -traumatic brain injury; -multiple damage due to deformation of the chair. With a well -known product tested by products, the risk of such a development of events is negligible.

In the car, safety plays a very important role. It is better to buy a car with not the highest technical characteristics, but higher safety indicators of the driver and passengers.

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