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Freedom Holding Corp: main benefits and services for business

by buma888

There is a financial holding company in Kazakhstan. It has become very popular among a wide range of investors. Of course, we are talking about Freedom Holding Corp, which is ready to offer many useful services. Recently, a modern application was released by a key Kazakhstan asset of the enterprise. With the Freedom SuperApp, you can access a different set of services that are only available in an organization’s product ecosystem.

Expansion of the loan portfolio and confirmation of the rating

In March 2024, the rating of Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan was confirmed by S&P Global Ratings (level “B/B”). There have been positive trends in the Kazakh financial sector. This is a fairly high rating for an organization located in Central Asia.

Freedom Bank has recently shown good growth in assets – more than $4.4 billion. This is why it has become a major player in the finance sector in Kazakhstan.

Increase in the number of clients

It is expected that by 2025 the number of bank clients will increase many times. Then the growth spurt will occur in 2026.

As the company’s managers say, the main profit is directed towards expanding the business. The bank’s capitalization increases, which has a positive effect on lending and its overall liquidity.

Freedom Holding Corp. plans to significantly expand the scope of its work. Clients will receive both financial and non-financial products. This is due to the close integration of the main subsidiaries. Each client will be able to switch to the desired direction of business without unnecessary difficulties.

Innovative solutions and security in banking

Almost all of the bank’s products are innovative and digital. They are available online and do not require document verification or an office visit.

On average, you will receive a loan in just one day. In some situations, obtaining a mortgage takes as little as three hours. The car loan will be issued within two hours. You can get a business loan in half an hour, so be sure to take advantage of the main benefits of such offers.

Freedom Finance offers beneficial services to a wide range of clients. You can fully count on specialists who will help you understand the main points. Believe me, this organization really deserves your trust!

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