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How dry mixtures are used in construction

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In a huge number of construction and repair work, all kinds of dry building mixtures are widely used. The materials proposed by the construction market are distinguished by the origin of the manufacturer, high -quality characteristics and, of course, price aspects. Consider some popular types of such mixtures for construction.

When finishing the floors, the first step is always their preparation, mainly representing the equalization. For this, self -leveling bulk mixtures for cement -based floors are used with additives, which are a demed -out thick solution spreading in a limited space and later a solid, creating a leveled surface.

The advantage of dry plaster mixtures used for wall decoration and ceilings is their adjustable viscosity, solidification time and surface texture. The basis for applying ordinary and decorative plasters should be dry and clean. For application, special spatulas and other tools are used.

Further, it should be noted that are widely used to smooth out surfaces and fill the deficiencies of putty based on gypsum, cement, olifa or glue.

When decorating ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, etc.P. Successfully used special adhesive dry mixtures. Various grouts are used to close up the joints of such materials.

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