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How to make a modern barbecue on the site yourself

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Without extra words, it is clear that the cottage without barbecue is not a summer house. There is nothing more pleasant than the smell of smoke and the taste of barbecue in the fresh air. Mangals of a conventional sample have long gone out of fashion.

Of course, the usual metal structure does not require large costs and efforts, convenient for moving. But such a barbecue can hardly become a decoration of a summer cottage. Today, the most common type of barbecue is more reminiscent of old Russian stoves, only a few modified. The building material is a stone, brick and metal for them.

The modern barbecue is part of the exterior of the cottage, which, with a creative approach, turns not only into a useful thing, but also a beautiful. As a rule, the brazier is located in the recreation area. First, marking is made using a rope and stakes. In the marked area, you need to dug a hole 40 – 50 cm deep, and install the formwork from plywood along its perimeter.

The top of the formwork should protrude slightly above the surface of the earth. The bottom of the pit is covered with gravel or sand and poured with cement mortar so that the flood level is higher than the level of the earth’s surface. After the foundation freezes, you can start laying the barbecue itself. As materials in construction, you need to use fireproof brick and a heat -resistant solution, which includes chamotis clay.

First, six usual P-shaped rows are laid out. Then the overlap is made in corners of two rows and three rows of solid. The space under the cargal is left at the level of the last three rows. Usually it is made of stainless steel. The firebox in the structure should not be wider than the length of the skewer in order to maintain heat. Air access is provided by the gaps that are left during masonry.

Often the classic barbecue is modified by adding a barbecue grille and a cauldron. To reduce smoke, the smoke collection area is removed. In order to protect the barbecue from external factors, its surface is covered with water -repellent acrylic varnish or a barbecue is installed under a canopy. It will also not be superfluous to soak the barbecue with a heat -resistant solution.  

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