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A few tips for buying tiles

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Always buy the right amount at once! Tiles are sold in packs. In different packages, there may be a tile that will vary on shades and calibration.

It is important when buying tiles to pay attention to the labeling of the pack (if any), which is located on the fields. Most manufacturers put the mark on the box, which indicates the name, number, shade, size, date of manufacture. When buying tiles, it is advisable to buy packs with the same marking. Choose large stores where there is always a large selection and stock in stock. But, to buy asphalt concrete with delivery, you will have to contact a serious construction mill.

Always buy 15% more than planned. This is necessary in order if, when transporting, part of the tile is wrapped or a marriage is found in the box. Tiles should remain after the repair, so that after several years, if necessary, have the same replacement. Imagine that the repair of your home will begin: when replacing pipeline risers, there is always a risk of unforeseen breakdowns of tiles near the old tees on the floor, etc.D.. In a nutshell, the stages are not eternal.

There are thousands of tile factories in the world. Leading manufacturers of bathroom tiles and porcelain tiles – Italy and Spain, where the greatest concentration of enterprises. Naturally, among all of them there are those who produce a high, middle and low tile class. There is no guarantee that if you buy Italian or Spanish tiles, then the quality will be guaranteed. Thus, this criterion cannot tell you exactly which tiles are better.

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