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As a bastard on their own staircase on the attic

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To connect the main room with the attic of the house, it is necessary to equip the stairs. It can be made outside or inside. It is advisable to build an outer staircase from brick or concrete blocks and equipped with a canopy covering from rain and snow.

The presence of a staircase in the house is usually included in the project, but sometimes I want to make individual adjustments. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the inner staircase should have environmental purity. Better material than a tree is difficult to imagine. In frame houses, several types of stairs are used: on the royspins (beams that maintain the structure from below), on bogs (steel structure with strengthening in the wall) and with the central persistent.

The easiest option for independent construction is a braid staircase. It can be made in different versions: with several marching spans, rotary and screw. Its construction requires solid and durable breeds of wood: beech, oak or maple. The assembly of the stairs begins with the fastening of the Kosoura to the triangular “mares”. Then the steps of the stairs are installed on them.

If you use beams supporting the steps with a triangular base, then the “filly” will not be needed. For such a design, a wide board will be needed. The stairs should be at least 90 cm from the fence to the wall. The fence is built using wooden bars for racks and boards for the railing. Often the railing is decorated with thread. The combination of the wooden structure of the stairs with a fence made of metal racks is acceptable. In this case, they are fixed on top or side of the steps.

The maximum allowable height of the staircase fence up to 100 cm. There is another secret to the construction of this type of staircase – the location of the support beams (Kosour). If they are placed not at the edges, but with a displacement along the axial axis, then this will prevent steps from the deflections. The attic stairs of this type are widely used in country and cottage construction, in offices and apartments. With a careful study of the principles of the construction of a braid staircase, its construction is possible even for a beginner. 

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