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Is it possible to insulate a wooden floor on your own

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How to insulate a wooden floor? This question, first of all, worries the owners of the country houses. Not insulated wooden floor causes a lot of trouble, especially in winter. Heat goes like fingers.

At the same time, it is very simple to warm the wooden floor. Much easier than making concrete floors warm. First you need to create blocking floor layers. He will not let heat out into the street. which would block the passage of warm air to the street. For this, a heater, vapor barrier and laying layer are created.

Vapor barrier is a layer of material that will not pass moisture. You can use even ordinary polyethylene. When warming a wooden floor, a board is required. Its thickness should be at least 20 mm. Also use a wooden block, insulation and vapor barrier to fasten the vapor barrier. It is better to use polystyrene as a heater as a heater. Recently, polystyrene foam has been very popular.

In the first stage of insulation, you need to remove the entire flooring of the floor. Then fix the auxiliary board outside the building. She should go along the entire length of the room. A heater is laid on this board. A vapor barrier is applied on top of the insulation. All joints need to be glued with tape, and only then lay down the main layer of the floor. .

In the apartment to warm the floors is even easier. But you still have to shoot them. Between the lags you need to lay thermal insulation material, then a vapor barrier and flooring. The principle is the same as in the country. But do not forget that by warming the wooden floor, you will have to reconstruct it. You remove the wooden floor, and nullify the bars from below. On them you will later lay the so -called draft floor from the ginkle. The gaps in such a floor should be smeared, and a layer of insulation should be laid out by half of the beam height. Then lace black and clean floors. But at the same time, the proper ventilation is taken into account.

To make the ventilation good, you need to drill five holes in the corners . Their diameter is approximately one and a half centimeter. Floor ventilation should be completely inside the house.

The floor temperature in the house or apartment is an excellent indicator of reliable insulation in the room. Insulating the floor, you will increase the comfort of at home, while there will be no additional heating costs.

Apply materials for insulation of the floors must be proven. Thermal insulation materials should be resistant to compression, for a long time to save heat even with high humidity. Remember that only high -quality material is able to be convenient to work. It is easy to cut, it is very easy to lay. Such materials can be polystyrene or mineral wool foam. Each of these materials is great for insulation of a wooden floor.

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