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How to build a bath for a bath with your own hands

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The history of the existence of the bath originates many centuries ago. As you know, back in the fifth century of our era, people who filled Slavic states loved to accept paired procedures. Moreover, regardless of what class they belonged to. In many Russian villages, the presence of a bathhouse in the yard was considered an absolutely normal phenomenon. In addition, the real economy simply did not submit without a bathhouse. We cannot say that we are returning to strange traditions, but still, more and more often in summer cottages you can find buildings designed for the bathhouse.

How difficult or easy to build a bathhouse on your land plot? In fact, this is not difficult. Everyone can become the master of his own bathhouse. First of all, you should think about the site on which the bathhouse will be located. This design should be on the hill in order to avoid difficulties with the drainage, as well as save on work on the same system. The drainage system is necessary to remove excessive moisture in the room. The foundation of this structure should correctly perceive the effects of the building, both static and dynamic.

Before starting the construction of the foundation, it is necessary to take into account many factors that may affect the delicious state of the building. So, during the construction of this design, the type of soil of this site should be taken into account, the size of the bathroom and groundwater level are sorry. Various construction organizations use five types of foundation in the construction of structures. These are strip, columnar, screw, monolithic or floating and pile-screw foundations with grillage.

The strip foundation is used if the bath is supposed to be small. Such characteristics of the building as the weight of the structure, height and configuration affect the width of the foundation. There is such a rule that if the thickness of the enclosing elements is 50 cm, then the width of the foundation should be at least 70 cm. For the construction of a strip foundation, a bottle of concrete, concrete reinforced with steel reinforcement are used.

During the construction of small buildings, you can also use columnar foundations. Pillars are constructed in the ground in the corners of the structure and in the places of docking of the internal and outer walls, the distance between them should not exceed two meters.

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