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Classification of construction engineering differences

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The specifics of construction engineering is that often all responsibility does not lie on the shoulders of one person in accordance with the instructions. Often this is a project of a group of people, since the construction of a building is a set of various standards and rules that different workers head. Engineering here is to understand the potential capabilities of the created object, and the cost of its construction and subsequent operation. In accordance with the stages and areas of construction work, several types of engineering activities are distinguished.

To begin with, the engineer performs the calculation and design of building structures, taking into account GOSTs, which is the calculations of the stability of the rod and shell systems of the building. For such work, designers use modern computer programs.

Anti -seismic engineering is recommendations and consultations for the construction of buildings in areas with a high probability of an earthquake or soil movement under the foundation.

The engineering of building materials and designs involves the solution of issues regarding the constructive justification of the foundations that carry and enclosing structures.

Geotechnical and geological engineering is a number of works aimed at studying the properties of the soil that is under the basis of the structure; Study of the soil environment before the construction of underground structures.

Geodetic engineering is a work that is carried out to obtain data on the situation of terrain, information about ground buildings and underground structures, etc.D.

Construction production management is a work aimed at cooperation with the labor collective, the distribution of material and other resources throughout the entire execution of the project. To date, management is performing with the participation of professional and modern management techniques.

Environmental engineering – this work is aimed at examination from the point of view of the favorable environmental situation and the availability of comfortable conditions for life and economic activity. Hydrotechnical engineering resolves issues related to water supplym population.

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