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Antiseptics defenders of wood

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Wooden buildings are often affected by various fungi, mold, as well as a variety of insects. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to take into account many factors that can provoke the “disease” of wood when erecting wooden buildings.The first risk factor – delivery. Using the services of loaders, make sure that the delivered material has no damage, scratches, etc.D.

It is necessary to pay attention to the high -quality insulation of the tree from concrete elements, as well as the tightness of the joints of the door boxes and window frames, because in the case of poor tightness, the wood will freeze and pass moisture. It is also necessary to do ventilation of the room, because all the wooden elements of the room must breathe. In order for wooden elements indoors to breathe, it is necessary to exclude the use of paint and varnishes. And you can protect wood using antiseptics that allow the tree to breathe.

In order for the antiseptic to reliably protect the wooden structure, it is necessary to remember that you can not buy the first product that you are offered, because not all drugs designed to protect the wooden structure are able to do this qualitatively. Antiseptics, if they are not of high quality, are able to harm people’s health, for example, if the antiseptic package indicates that it is fire hazardous, then this means that it includes acetone or alcohol and you can’t use such a drug in the room. It often happens that when buying a drug, the buyer does not carefully study the instructions for its use and, when you come home, finds out that this drug can only be used after preparing a certain mixture from it. But not everyone can do this and such experiments can end very deplorable.

There are also frequent cases when the buyer cannot pass by a bright label and buy the offered goods and only when they arrive home that the drug has instructions only in a foreign language. In this case, you must either use the translator’s program, return the goods to the seller, or still use the drug. The most correct way will be to return the drug to the seller and laws that protect the rights of the buyer can help you with this.

If the annotation of the drug is written in Russian, then you need to carefully familiarize yourself with it, because if it is written that the drug is fighting mold, then this does not mean that this drug is able to cope with this. A lot of drugs that are designed to protect your wooden structure from mold actually perform purely preventive work. This means that this drug prevents the appearance of mold, but, it does not eliminate the existing problem.

Again, when buying antiseptics that protect wood from “diseases”, it is necessary to find out how this drug affects the staining of a wooden surface, which will be carried out after processing.

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