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Preliminary actions before starting repair in the apartment

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This article will tell you about actions that need to be done even before making repairs, so as not to acquire a lot of problems that often arise in many amateurs. Often, when a person is doing something for the first time, he makes a lot of mistakes, so this article is designed to help people not make mistakes that many make.

So, let’s begin.

Before making any changes in your apartment, think about what they will. Firmly decide for yourself, overhaul, or cosmetic you start, and whether you are ready to spend a little more to make a high -quality and beautiful repair of a European pattern at home.

If you still decided that it is preferable to make light “cosmetics”, then know that this is nothing more than buying new wallpapers and a new layer of paint on the ceiling.

Capital plan repair is more significant changes.

In this case, it is customary to change windows, doors, plumbing, built -in furniture, as well as demolish or put partitions and even start a redevelopment of housing.

If you make periodically cosmetic repairs, then the capital may be enough for fifteen, or even twenty years. The repair time is determined depending on how well it was done initially.

Renovation is high standards, as well as new technologies and fashion trends.

If you have already managed to decide on the main tasks of your repair, we recommend that you draw a sketch of future work. This will not only help to see the final result in advance, but also significantly reduce the number of errors and flaws, since each detail will be taken into account.

After that, you need to measure every square centimeter of your apartment and make a detailed repair project in which everything will be taken into account, even the smallest details and details.

And already at the final stage of preparation for repair, you need to at least approximately determine the costs. To do this, you need to not only agree with the construction team in advance, but also go shopping in order to see all the necessary tools and materials with your own eyes.

Having estimated the estimate in advance, you will know exactly how much money is required and you will not have any problems with the final payment.

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