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When the stone comes to life!

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What the old masters were convinced? What is needed in order for work with the stone to be successful? How important the original plan is?

Bend deep into ..

Old masters were convinced that each stone has its own “soul”. Stone, this is in the sense of the type of material – basalt, granite, marble … And now, depending on this “soul”, the master was looking for an approach to stone.

Time has passed, no one believes in the soul of stone, but many understand the fact that each material requires its approach is understood. Understand that different tools and different material processing techniques are required. For example, monuments from Chinese granite reviews receive a variety of different, but not granite in this is to blame. And the masters who did not always correctly determine how this stone should be processed!

The idea is not the last thing!

After all, one must understand well what trace on the surface of the stone leaves any tool, what needs to be done so that the structure of the stone does not remain damaged, so that the relief is exactly what it was planned. And all this is possible only when the master initially understands what exactly he wants to do. Because there are frequent cases when the plan cannot be realized for the simple reason that the master himself did not understand well that he, in the end, should turn out!

So success in working with a stone is a comprehensive concept and there are clearly not enough technical knowledge alone ..

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