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Each driver wants to show his car in the best light. There are many different ways for this. You can put a large and beautiful spoiler on the car, paint the all -favorite, stick stickers, for example fire, then the car will seem to fly, and not just drive! You can also put a more expensive, and, accordingly, more steep steering wheel, completely change the interior, for example, you can put a leather coating on the seats or put more steep spare parts for your car hood. Recently, to fulfill this goal, they began to use a direct flow. What is a direct flow? The direct flow is used for the purpose of a more loud, literally roaring sound of the exhaust pipe. Yes, when you hear a piercing roar on the road, you know that such a car uses a high -class direct flow. This speaks a lot about who is sitting at the wheel of such a monster. Such a person should be wealthy and smart, understanding a lot in the art of driving and loving this business.

Literally a direct flow means a sports direct -flowing exhaust pipe. This system uses high -quality exhaust systems, which includes unique, designed specifically for your car, pipe diameter. That is, the whole system consists in shortening or elongation, as well as in narrowing or expanding the exhaust pipe. Where to get such a system? Of course, you can buy an expensive system in a special store, on which the client can spend more than the cost of the car itself, especially when exposed to store staff.

You can find a cheaper Chinese craft or buy a system through second hands, but in this case no one will guarantee the quality of the products provided. She may not work or work very, very bad, then you will have no one to turn to for help. The best way to purchase a direct flow is to independently manufacture such a system. The advantages of this method are that you yourself can do business, thus, protecting yourself from poor -quality cheap fakes, but at the same time, for a small price you will gain very high -quality products.

How to make a sports direct -flowing exhaust pipe yourself? From the very beginning you will need two pipes: one standard, that is, the diameter of the input pipe of the muffler, and the other with a diameter of 20cm and 1m length, as well as the old muffler VAZ 2109. So, we take that old muffler, analyze it, taking out all the insides and cutting out the walls. Then you need to take the first pipe and drill the hole in the muffler, namely in the place where the pipe itself will be.

The next step will be the welding of the second pipe using a metal plate. The figure shows which way you need to weld the pipe. The resulting design must be placed in an old muffler and brewed on both sides. For greater safety, you can wrap the silencer itself using a heat -resistant insulating stove, for this it is advisable to use material like paronite. And also you need to wrap it with stainless steel, which can be bought in any market. Then you need to wrap the sidewalls and hide their joint.

In order for the silencer to hold in place, you need to weld the ears to it and immediately fix it in the right place. If you do not understand, you can find a suitable video on the Internet and see this method with your own eyes. In general, good luck to all lovers of the beauty of cars!

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