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Brick in the worship of the virtues of the material

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In addition to strength, the heat transfer is no less important for the wall of a residential building. The less heat loses the wall, the less energy you spend on heating the whole house. What material is most suitable for the construction of the wall of the house. Consider the most basic.

Brick fuss clay

The advantages of this material include strength, refractory, resistance to insects and rotting. In addition, on such walls you can install overlaps from reinforced concrete. The small size of the brick makes it possible to build walls of various sizes and configurations, as well as decorate the facade of the room. The refractiveness of this building material allows you to build brick walls near fireplaces and stoves, as well as use this material for laying ventilation and smoke ducts. Thanks to the large thermal inertia of brick, the room, the walls of which are erected from it, give the necessary heat in winter and the desired coolness in the summer.

The disadvantages of the brick walls include the fact that in order to achieve an acceptable temperature in a room that has not been heated for several weeks, it will take 2-3 days of continuous heating.


The advantages of wooden walls are undoubtedly attributed to high environmental friendliness. In addition to the beneficial effect on the health of a person in a room with wooden walls, one cannot but say about the aesthetic factor. The log walls look expensive, solid and bring home comfort to the room. In addition, you will need only a few hours to heat such a room, unlike the brick, due to low thermal conductivity.

 The disadvantage of this building material includes the action of harmful insects and rapid ignorance. Therefore, it is necessary to treat such walls with special solutions that will protect from moisture, fire and various pests.

Frame walls.

The main advantages of such walls are the low cost, heat and high speed of construction. After the construction of the frame, it remains only to insulate the walls with special materials: mineral wool, various types of insulation, after which it is necessary to sheathe the walls with plasterboard from the inside.

To date, this particular type of wall is the most simple in the process of construction, as well as economical, environmentally friendly and durable.

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