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Renting servers located around the world: main advantages

by buma888

Virtual and dedicated servers for hosting are a popular service on the Internet. Many users pay great attention to tariffs, others require productive resources, reliable communications and stable terms of service. For any requests, serverite rent from a reliable company is offered.

Features of the service

Perfect Quality Hosting is based in Chisinau and offers rental servers located all over the world. The user can choose equipment that has addresses in 38 countries, ranging from Moldova to the USA. That is, the company’s client can decide to purchase power in a data center close to them, or choose the option of the most protected jurisdiction.

When selecting a specific tariff, in addition to the country where the physical servers are located, the consumer can take into account the following factors:

  1. Computing power, including processor type, RAM, type and size of hard drive, and other technical parameters of the device.
  2. A control panel option with free views, or more advanced ones for a small extra charge.
  3. Number and types of IP addresses.
  4. Operating systems used.
  5. Traffic volume.

The user receives administrator rights for his rented virtual server, can configure it flexibly, install additional applications, and perform other actions.

Benefits of the service

Virtual servers are offered only in reliable data centers. This parameter concerns the protection of user data from loss, because information is regularly copied and stored on different physical media. The system is also protected from hacking, viruses and Trojans, and external attacks.

Several virtual servers can be located on one physical machine, but each user is isolated, his actions do not interfere with others, and he does not feel the presence of strangers.

Perfect Quality Hosting administrators are constantly in touch with users, ready to help set up equipment and solve any problems that arise.

The connection speed is 1 Gbps, which is enough to stream high-resolution video. Traffic is not limited by limits on all tariffs, which allows you to create resources of any type on the server.

The cost of servers is low, it is available to small companies and ordinary users who want to get a reliable resource that is protected in all respects.

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