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What to wear with a gold necklace with pearls: rules and recommendations

by buma888

A gold necklace with a pearl insert is an example of style and taste. No wonder the legendary Coco Chanel preferred this particular combination. A discreet and elegant necklace can say a lot about its owner. You just need to choose the right model, for example, Lover Girl Necklace. And combine it with the right things.


Usually the neck decoration is complemented by others – earrings, rings, bracelets. And in order for the image to remain luxurious and elegant, it is important not to overdo it. You should not wear too much jewelry, the look will become overloaded, even vulgar. At the same time, the necklace goes well with other neck jewelry, for example, a pearl choker or velvet.

Decorations must be in the same style. You cannot mix modern and vintage, romantic and brutal. There must be stylistic unity. The best addition is jewelry with pearls. They will emphasize the integrity of the image.

Previously it was believed that gold and silver, in principle, metals of different colors cannot be mixed. Modern style allows this, but if the jewelry is vintage or retro, you will have to choose the only metal. Older ladies should also decide on a color: friends may simply not understand the combination of different shades and consider it vulgar.


A gold necklace with pearls is very versatile. It goes well with evening, weekend and casual wear. A Coco Chanel style look – a necklace with a little black dress. The decoration looks luxurious and noble with evening dresses. It somewhat dilutes the playful note of cocktail dresses, balancing the image.

The necklace goes well with business suits. It adds solemnity, but does not destroy the image and complies with even the strictest dress code.

For everyday wear, a pearl necklace goes best with tops, T-shirts, and dresses with cutouts. The decoration looks interesting with deliberately masculine shirts. Modern options can be worn over clothes, and vintage ones fit perfectly into a neckline.

When choosing clothes, it is important to remember the color scheme. White pearls are universal, but pink, black, blue, and gold are not so independent. It is better to support them by repeating the color in the image or choosing similar shades. A good solution is pearl or gold inserts on shoes and accessories, this will help achieve stylistic unity. But even if a pearl necklace is the only decoration, the bow will come out shining.

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