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Simple advice to increase rubber service life

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Maintaining optimal tire pressure is a fundamental moment affecting their state. Do not focus on the marking applied to the tires. Each manufacturer shall indicate the recommendations for operation in the instructions for the car. Tire pressure must be checked by the manometer. In order for the data to be more accurate, it is necessary to take measurements several times in a row. As a rule, pressure measurement is carried out on fully cooled tires.

If you need to bring the pressure to normal, pump up the tires or release them with air or contact the technical center Nissan.

If you notice that the tire pressure is reduced quickly enough, check the valve, it may have low tightness. One of the simplest and most affordable methods is to wet its upper end slightly with water.

Sometimes air leakage occurs due to a poorly toned spool in the valve housing, in which case it is necessary to tighten the spool more tightly. In order to prevent clogging of the valve valve, before stinging a protective cap on it, make sure that its rubber laying is clean.

Since clogging of the sealing or hollow on it can serve as one of the reasons for the air leakage. When you pump up tires, do not turn the spool.

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