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What is a modern country house

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Starting the construction of a country house, or the repair of the already built, every owner wants to do this in the best way. Currently, many innovative concepts and approaches that can be lost in the sea of ​​useful information has appeared in construction and continues to appear in construction. What are the main criteria for choosing?

In the early 90s, in construction, the main feature was maximalism, a palace of at least 300 square meters with several clumsy turrets, built of brick, less often from a bar, was read by an ideal suburban house. It cannot but rejoice that these times are left behind, although the mass of similar “masterpieces” continues to amuse our eyes to this day, it is worth noting that most of these houses, although they have a major look, can only be used in the summer season in view of the absence of a heating system. Maintain the temperature in such a huge lady in winter is expensive, even for very wealthy people.

Now, during the construction of a country house, the main one is not at all the choice of architectural style. Three pillars of modern construction – energy -firing, comfort and durability. Compliance with these fundamental criteria is ensured by modern building technologies, which easily retain advantages and eliminate the disadvantages of traditional technologies and materials. The main problem is that the mass of builders are very conservative, which does not allow them to appreciate the innovative technologies and advantages of modern materials.

Unfortunately, understanding of this comes only when, smooth when buying a beam is covered with cracks and begins to pass moisture, and in a brick house a necessity, and not a luxury, the air conditioner becomes luxurious. The use of a suburban lady in the winter period is a separate problem, when in two days he does not really have time to excite, but already begins to cool, because the owners leave him, as a result of constant temperature changes, constant humidity, fungus.

It is precisely to eliminate this kind of inconvenience caused by the difference in external and internal temperature, the technology of the Sandwich wall, which reduces the negative consequences from the difference in temperature. Invented membranes completely unique in their properties, which are a comprehensive solution for energy -firing and control of humidity indoors. Thanks to the use of such materials, it is possible not only to build an ever -efficient house, but also to modernize the strange.

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