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Pneumatic suspension Porsche Cayenne

The pneumatic suspension of new Porsche Cayenne models includes automation of the height and alignment control of the body, as well as Pasm. As a result, dynamics and comfort improve. Due to the leveling of the body height, the constant position of the machine is ensured, and the clearance can be changed by a simple switch of the regulator to the console:

– special off -road – 58 mm higher than normal, clearance of 268 mm at a speed of up to 30 km now;

– the level of loading, 52 mm below normal, is possible exclusively with a fixed car. The pneumatic suspension with Pasm is included in the basic configuration for Cayenne Turbo, and for other models it is offered optional.

Porsche Active Suspension Management (Pasm)

PASM – this electronics system regulating shock absorbers. The rigidity of shock absorbers is constantly regulated depending on the driving style and on the state of the road. With active acceleration and braking or when driving on off -road, the car usually experiences body fluctuations. The PASM system contributes to the automatic reduction of these fluctuations. You can choose one of the possible programs: “Fort”, “Normal” and “Sport”. The body movements are recorded by sensors, including transverse acceleration, steering wheel rotation, engine moment and pressure in the braking system. The control unit independently calculates and sets the stiffness of shock absorbers according to a given program, choosing the current movement mode. The PASM system is actively: automatically adapting to the situation on the road, it provides stability, comfort and safety.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus

PTV Plus is a system that provides an increase in stability and dynamics. It redistributes the torque between the rear wheels of the car and regulates the rear differential lock. The system depending on the position of the steering wheel and the speed of its rotation, the position of the gas pedal and the activity of the car’s scouring on the road achieves the optimal sensitivity of the car to the rotation of the steering wheel by braking one of the rear wheels. If the driver is accepted by a dynamic driving style, then in the turn the inner wheel is branded, and the external receives a torque pulse in the direction of turning. The turns of the result are accurately and dynamically. At medium and low speeds, the sensitivity of the machine to rotation of the steering wheel and maneuverability of the car increases, at high speeds, the stability in the speeds passable at speed increases. When moving on coatings with different clutch coefficients, in snowfall and rain, the system along with the Porsche Traction Management (PTM) and Porsche Stability Management (PSM) provides stability on the course. On off -road, the use of PTV Plus excludes a slip for the rear wheels, even when moving with a trailer. The rear differential lock can be 100% enabled by the console switch.

Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC)

The PDCC adjustment system for the chassis is supplied to order together with a pneumatic suspension, improving additional stability and the running qualities of the machine. This system is responsible for the active suppression of rolls. At the very beginning of the turn, it records the side roll and with the help of rotary hydraulic engines actively stabilizes both axes, creating forces that counteract the side rolling, which helps maneuver at any speed and increases comfort. In off -road mode, included with the console, the angle of crossing the axes of the wheels increases, as a result of which the clutch with the soil increases.

Wheels with Porsche Cayenne tire control system

All discs (20-inch RS spyder Design, 21-inch Turbo II (forged); 21-inch Cayenne Sportedation) are designed to re-re-and even more reflect the nature of these models. Cayenne and Cayenne Diesel uses Cayenne discs with a diameter of 18 inches, Cayenne S and Cayenne S Hybrid suggest 18-inch Cayenne S III discs, and Cayenne Turbo-19-inch wheels of the same name. Optionally, all these models can be equipped with discs up to 21 inches. The tires are optimized by controllability and running characteristics, by mass and rolling resistance. They save fuel well and reduce harmful emissions. Tire pressure is controlled by a special control system (RDK) and information on the pressure of pressure, including a sudden loss. Pressure is one of the parameters shown on a multifunctional display. For Cayenne Turbo, this system is installed in the basic configuration, and for other Cayenne models it is offered optional.

Porsche Cayenne steering

The steering of new models was completely processed. Now it took a sporting look, becoming more sharp in the near -Stolium zone. GUR configuration and alternating gear ratio guarantee the car exclusive maneuverability. U -turn is possible with a diameter of 11.9 m. In the frontal collision, the steering wheel column with two cardan hinges and a special deformation element guarantees safety. In the Cayenne S Hybrid model, the steering of an electro -hydraulic type is used for the first time. The pump has a variable performance and enhances the movement of the steering wheel only in cases where there is a need for this. As a result, energy is saved.

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