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How to expand the area of ​​the apartment by redevelopment

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The expansion of the apartment is a very important issue, so the most affordable and simple way to solve this problem is to redevelop.

One of the options, for example, can be combined in panel houses with a kitchen with the living room, and then distinguish between the space of the bar, which will become a decoration. For brick houses, such an opportunity is absent, due to the fact that often the wall is the carrier between the kitchen and the living room and it is strictly prohibited to demolish it.

Owners of Stalin can even make a studio apartment. Now it is fashionable. You can leave a minimum of walls, you should also take into account the higher the floor, the less walls can be left. The corridors going through the entire apartment will also serve as an increase in space. In old houses, such a redevelopment can increase a living area to 25%. The only negative is the cost of demolition of walls that will cost 1 square meter within $ 30.

Redevelopment is not only the removal of the partitions and the demolition of the walls. You can change the doorways and change their shape. Another interesting option for increasing the living area of ​​the apartment may be to unite with the room of the loggia or balcony. Previously, a number of approvals in the relevant authorities should be passed in order to subsequently avoid troubles. The heating equipment in this space will also be a serious issue. If you are the owner of the top floor of the house, then the installation during the redevelopment of this fireplace will close this issue. The fireplace will create a special comfort and on a rainy day or in a harsh winter cold you can admire the reflections of a living fire.

Residents of the first floors can be advised to attach a ventilation shaft or a basement to their living space. To carry out this redevelopment, a number of necessary approvals will also be required.

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