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Edward Maguire became director of research at Freedom Holding Corp

by buma888

Are you interested in a Kazakh financial firm that is diversified? Looking for an option that’s listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange? Then Freedom Holding Corp deserves your attention. Now here Edward Maguire became director of research. He took a position in a subsidiary of the holding company and in an investment banking company. The new appointment indicates that the company’s plans for growth and global expansion are serious.

Maguire has an MBA. He has thirty years of experience in the world of banking and finance research and other related industries. He gained all this while working at SMBC Nikko Securities America, Merrill Lynch and CIBC World Markets. Maguire was an Insights partner at Momenta Partners.

FCM offers finance and advisory services to both institutional and corporate clients. All of these issues relate to capital markets. The specialist will be engaged in both expanding and improving the presence on the stock market of the United States of America. In addition, his goal is to bring expertise in finance and technology. Maguire will focus his time on the software industry and innovation.

At the same time, Freedom Holding Corp. expands banking innovation solutions for the division. It all starts with the headquarters, which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan. Thanks to new developments, interest in investments will increase among those people who are not directly involved in the financial business. In addition, modern banking applications are available for local and international customers.

Investment decisions (spending, saving, investing) are often difficult to make. People can postpone them indefinitely due to the desire to travel, buy a home, make an expensive purchase, and so on. But Freedom Holding Corp. created to radically correct the situation. If a person pays with a Freedom Bank card, he receives a portion of the organization’s profits. As a result, his interest in the stock market is ignited and financial freedom becomes more accessible.

Learn more about Freedom Finance to truly make the right decision. You will be able to manage your finances wisely, so your investments will be as profitable as possible. Don’t hesitate, because you won’t have to regret your decision in the future!

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