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From what materials they make modern furniture

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Technical progress made it possible to invent new materials for furniture – glass, plastic and metal. But still, the leader of the market is wooden furniture. How the wood deserved such an authority among other materials?

First of all, this is the naturalness of the material, and hence environmental friendliness. Wooden furniture is suitable for any interior, the room immediately becomes cozy and comfortable. In addition, the tree lends itself to processing and furniture can be made of any shape and design.

For the manufacture of furniture, certain wooden rocks are used, you can conditionally divide these breeds into soft, hard and very hard. Soft woods are very easy to process, but the service life of such furniture is not very high. These breeds include linden, pine, poplar, chestnut, cedar and others. Furniture made of solid wood will be more reliable, but also processing such breeds is more difficult. These include ash, beech, birch and oak. The hardest breeds of trees are white acacia, boxwood and grab. They are very difficult to process, but furniture from these breeds is durable and reliable.

In addition, since ancient times, people have noticed that some wooden breeds give or take human energy. When choosing furniture, this should also be taken into account. For example, aspen, poplar, bird cherry and alder take energy, and birch, pine, cedar, on the contrary, give a positive charge of energy to a person. The remaining types of trees are considered neutral, that is, they do not select and do not give energy to a person.

If you choose furniture from breeds that give their energy, it will only benefit. A room with such furniture will contribute to the healing of the soul and body, wood can relieve stress and cleanse the body. In addition, wood is considered a natural air conditioner and can clean the air indoors. For example, oak contributes to activity and will help to concentrate, birch relieves stress very well, and cedar disinfects the air.

The color shade of wood also plays a role in the interior of the apartment. Red tree looks very good in the office, in addition, it increases human activity. For the bedroom, furniture of a light shade is more suitable, it helps to relax a person. For the living room, the ideal option would be furniture of dark shades.

Wooden furniture is very popular today, because people strive for natural materials and prefer environmentally friendly products. Wooden furniture is always appropriate and any interior will become even more refined in tandem with wooden furniture.

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