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VAZ cars have high dynamic qualities

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Auto acceleration time from a place to a speed of 100 kmsm². This indicator has a fairly high value and significantly exceeds the indicators of some cars. Bendix type discs, which are installed on the front wheels have a higher action efficiency than drum brakes. This structural feature makes the system more reliable. The Lada and VAZ cars have a separate system of the brake drive on wheels from the foot pedal and the parking brake from the hand drive lever. The system of hydraulic drives of the wheel brakes has two hydraulic drives on the front and rear wheels, which work simultaneously and independently. Under the hood of the engine are two nutrient tanks for the brake fluid of a hydraulic brake drive. One for the front wheels, the second – for the rear. The brake fluid from these tanks enters two separate sections of the main brake cylinder. Brake pedal. Both tanks are connected by an equalizing tube. Nourishing tanks are made of translucent polyethylene and closed by traffic jams. Recently, one double tank (with two sections) has been installed on VAZ cars, and therefore the system capacity increased to 0.66 liters of brake fluid. On VAZ-21011 cars, a signaling sensor about the fall of the liquid level is installed in the tank. As a brake fluid, a special liquid is used for a hydraulic drive of the brake GTZH-2 Neva. 0.30 liters are poured into the front wheels, and the rear – 0.29 liters of liquid. The fluid level in the tank is controlled visually by its location on the outcome of the translucent tank. The liquid should not fall below the lower level of the traffic jam reflector.

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