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Is it possible to use glass as a floor covering

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Thanks to the glass floor, you can achieve a fairly strong visual effect, the essence of which will be with the unimaginable combination of fragility of glass as material and a huge load that it withstands. Of course, glass floors can be found much less often than, for example, marble or parquet, but at the same time, the glass floor can perfectly realize itself in rooms requiring a large amount of light, as well as where you need to make a great influence on visitors.

The glass floor allows you to create all kinds of light -optical effects, while forming the extreme ease of its design. It is very important that the glass floor can perfectly combine with any modern design and classic.

The use of glass as a flooring can be completely diverse. Nowadays, this type of glass flooring is often used, when there is only a part covered with glass (the so -called “glass window”). This glass element can acquire the type of tape, forming a kind of glass path. It can also be a large glass field that will cover most of the floor. Thus, you will not only attract the attention of all guests to your unusual stylish floor, but also add light to the room. The glass floor will significantly expand it, especially if the case applies to corridors, passages and small rooms.

The production of such gender in all cases occurs under the order. The technology, thanks to which I create glass floors, provides for the creation of a special supporting structure that will play the role of the base, as well as glass glass blocks created from Float glass. This glass can be very diverse: with patterns, transparent or tinted, with drawings and applications. Thanks to this, you can differently decorate the space around you.

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