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How to conduct a ventilation system in the room competently in the room

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A healthy climate in the room largely depends on air ventilation and air conditioning systems. Not always open window or window contribute to the influx of fresh air. Sometimes this is impossible due to road dust and exhaust gases, due to high or low street temperature. In addition, this will not solve the problem of air circulation.

In most cases, air conditioning systems are used in the hot summer time. Although, many of them have the “Summer – Winter” function, that is, the possibility of not only cooling, but also the heating of the room. The principle of operation of any air conditioner is similar to the work of the refrigerator. It is equipped with heat exchangers and compressor. The refrigerant circulating inside the system consuming heat during evaporation, again turns into a liquid.

At the place of installation and type of action, air conditioners are several types. Window are installed directly in the window building. This system is quite compact due to the fact that in one case there are simultaneously capacitor and evaporator. Thanks to this decision, the air conditioning has not high cost and not complicated installation. In addition to these advantages, such a system performs exhaust ventilation. Air conditioning is controlled using a remote control.

Mobile or desktop air conditioners are also single -block, but for the implementation of the cooling and ventilation process are equipped with a flexible hose. The corrugated hose is excreted in the window or in another way to the street. The advantage of such systems is the ease of installation and the possibility of moving, due to the small weight and dimensions. Most of them have a built -in timer for 24 hours.

Split – systems – these are the most modern and sought -after air conditioners. There are several types of them: wall, cassette, ceiling, column and channel. There is also multisplit – systems. The principle of operation of such air conditioners is the same. The difference only in additional functions, appearance and place of installation. The advantage of all types is the possibility of air ventilation using coal and antibacterial filters.

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