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How to competently use natural light in the corridor

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If the space of the corridor is used by a non -functional and non -residential room, then it can easily turn into a dead zone.  Of course, there are no people who would spend the main part of the time in the corridor, since it is entrusted with the function of ensuring movement around the house. But, despite this, the corridor can become one of the most important parts of the house.

In order for the corridor to get with life colors, it is necessary to use natural light. If such an opportunity is absent, then just open the access of light from other rooms by opening the door or interior windows. The corridor should use contrasting lighting, which will emphasize the features of some details of the corridor, for example, paintings, book shelves and so on.

Such details can allow several business at the same time, for example, you go along the corridor, while deciding to take the book or talk on the phone. But, you should not use a large number of such distracting moments, since the movement along the corridor will be difficult, or even completely dangerous. Remove all objects that interfere with free movement.

If the dimensions of your corridor allow, then you can make another room out of it. It can be like a study, a workshop or a small kitchen. It is also possible to store some things in the corridor: tools, books, and so on.  If your house does not need the corridor, then you can refuse it and create a more spacious room, while using various types of lighting.

Since the functionality of this room involves frequent movement along the corridor, durable materials should be used for decoration. 

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