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DIY linoleum flooring

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When planning cosmetic repairs, you must very carefully approach the choice of finishing materials. Before you go to a specialized store, you should measure the height of the premises, length and width. With these data, go to the store where you will meet and serve a qualified and experienced consultant.

When choosing the floor covering for the kitchen, stop your choice on linoleum. This floor covering has a low price per linear meter compared to other types of flooring. With such material, you can create a unique interior in the kitchen, since linoleum is offered in different color variations and with different graphic or stylistic pattern. The flooring of linoleum can be performed independently if you carefully prepare the working surface. For this work, you will need a special glue, skirting board and an acute tool. If you need drum nails to perform any other work, you can purchase them in a large online store.

For high -quality surface preparation, it is necessary to remove the old coating and level the floor. For alignment, use cement mortar. Spread linoleum on a flat surface and leave at room temperature for three to four days. During this time, the material is leaving. With a sharp knife, cut the excess coating and glue the edges with special glue. After that, you can confuse the baseboard to the joint of the floor and walls. Wash the coating with warm water and adding a detergent. This will help to instantly remove a specific smell that has linoleum.

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