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Floating floor

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Shock noise for most settlers of multi -storey buildings of modern realities is a very common and serious problem. For the most part, the level of sound load increases significantly due to the rigid structure. The most strongly affects the inhabitants of the first three floors. The solution of the issue, a coherent with shock noise, often becomes a fixed idea of ​​almost all the inhabitants of the apartment property.

Highly qualified experts found several ways to solve to helping citizens:

1. Operation of the most elastic building material for high -quality saving flooring. The category of such materials includes carpet, linoleum and their analogues;

2. Installation of an additional structure called “floating floor”. It is installed on top of the overlapping slab.

Gented experts distinguish the second method in the predominant category of solutions, at least due to the fact that it is the greatest effectiveness of counteracting noise.

Noise spreading through inter -story floors have a species division. They can be not only shock, but also air. Shock noises are inherent in mechanical influences on the floor slab. This category includes: the usual movement of the tenants of the upper living space (a cat, a dog or the owner himself), the movement of weighty furniture and a kind of heavy utensil. Moreover, it is worth noting that the above stimuli in essence are the legally natural realizes of life, which, regardless of the time of day, cannot be controlled or prohibited.

Airy noises are realized by means of oscillatory transmission of the sound wave to the floor slab, which in turn carefully convey the sound to your favorite neighbors. The main irritating fluctuations in the occurrence of air noise are the benefits of modernity as a working TV at high volume, or a banal game of musical instruments, etc.D.

An additional impact -resistant structure will enhance the effect of soundproofing and its inherent anxiety. To date, the “floating parquet” is considered the most competent and correct option. With this installation, the materials do not come close to the side walls, which as a result prevents the transmission of sound waves to a fairly high indicator of 50%.

It is worth noting that the fundamental distinctive feature of floating floors was a variety of material, which is not attached to the base using the technology of its masonry. Hence the self -name of the described sexes – a noise -insulating flooring, so to speak, swims on a special layer under the main floor.

The main advantages of “floating sexes” were:

• increased soundproofing due to the already mentioned absence of fastening to the ceiling;

• insulation of steps and other natural movements;

• additional thermal insulation;

• long service life;

• increased strength due to uniformly distributing load.

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