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Laminate as a floor covering for the floor of advantages

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Nowadays, when it comes to how to cover their floor, many make a choice in favor of the laminate. The fact is that it is very beautiful, durable and is difficult to various environmental influence.

Yes, and the laminate is washed very simple, only any scratches are very noticeable on it, which often upset many owners of the floor covered with laminate.

Most often, scratches on this material are formed from the fact that, together with shoes, garbage is also entered into the apartment, which can significantly damage the coating on the floor.

Also, another scratch may appear due to the fact that you could just drop something sharp to the floor, and it could scratch it.

So the question is quite logical, how to remove all those scratches that are formed over time on flooring.

The simplest solution to this problem will probably be the purchase of a special repair kit, which already has all the necessary tools and materials that you may need during the restoration of the laminate.

Building stores in abundance offer a wide variety of such repair comed. For example, you can purchase Quick-STEPMIX&Fix, which is most often sold in stores of this kind.

The repair kit usually includes a spatula, a bottle of dye, as well as repair mastic.

Before using the repair kit, you need to carefully clean the repaired surface, as well as engage in degreasing it with alcohol or acetone. The edge of each board should be closed with a painting tape so that the paint does not clog in the joints and does not create an untidy look of your gender.

Next, taking a spatula, fill the damaged piece of laminate. If the scratch is very deep, then apply several layers of pasta. After the pasta has been applied, take a wet fabric and wipe the site with which they just worked.

An hour later, the renovated surface on the floor is completely ready for use, so you do not need to wait a day, while it will be possible to step on a restored surface.

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