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What questions arise at the choice of a window for a home

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The question about the choice of windows is one of the most common among those who are going to make repairs. Over the past few years, metal -plastic windows have become the most popular option in this area, since they can protect from frost and do not miss the noise from the street.

True, not all windows are as beautiful as they are described, and over time it turns out that they are constantly blowing from them, and the noise from the street is heard daily.

In order for you not to have a situation when the window is bad, you need to know some nuances about their choice, which will be described in this article.

To begin with, you will need to decide which design directly to choose for your premises, and this will depend on this and the answer to the question about accessories and about the ways of opening windows.

Pay attention to the sash and the mechanism that serves to open them. If you buy windows for residential premises, then it is necessary that in addition to the ordinary open mode, the window can also open in the ventilation mode, otherwise in severe frost you will feel very uncomfortable in the stuffy room, which cannot be ventilated without leaving it without leaving it.

One of the undoubted advantages of modern windows is their exceptional tightness, which sometimes brings not only positive points, but also a lot of troubles. In order to prevent the window from fogging, and so that the fittings do not succumb to premature wear, look for windows with micro -lighting function, in which the window sash can be pulled out by only five millimeters and ensure gradual access of fresh air into the room without a rapid wind flow.

Another important function of high -quality fittings is the so -called “anti -scab”. If there is such a system on your window, then it will not slam, even if a very strong wind will blow.

Also make sure that the window fittings are made of as high -quality materials as possible, since it depends on it how long the metal -plastic frame will last. The elements on which the main emphasis will be made should not be made of plastic, because it will be she who will be snapped first.

Choosing a window is a very responsible matter, so you need to take into account all the smallest details in order to provide yourself with high -quality protection from the cold and unnecessary sounds for many years.

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