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How visually the space in the apartment is to make more

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Stylish, bright and spacious apartment – this is, without a doubt, the dream of any person. But what to do if your desire for your desire leaves much to be desired? You can, of course, sell and buy yourself something more, but what if this is not possible? Then you should think about how to expand living space without serious redevelopments. In fact, even the smallest apartment can be equipped so that there will be enough living space, the main thing is to create a visual feeling of space so that the walls do not “crush” and there is no feeling of lack of air.

There are several ways that help increase the space of the room at least visually. The first of them is the right choice of the color scheme of the room. Light tones “spread” the walls, dark on the contrary. Similarly, with a pattern of wallpaper – bright, colorful, catchy ornaments and drawings can afford only happy owners of spacious pharmacies. For those who want to visually expand the room, it is better to choose calm, classic ornaments and patterns.

Pay attention to the furniture – the built -in technique takes up less space than a separate state. A great choice would be multifunctional furniture, transformer sofas, a closet with a built-in ironing board, a folding table, etc.D. It is better to put a sofa in a small room than chairs. If one sofa is not enough for you, use banquet or ottomans. In appearance, they are very compact and will allow you to organize several additional sites for sitting. The appearance of the furniture also plays a role – it is better to choose laconic, strict silhouettes, without excessive details and pretentiousness.

If finances allow, buy a flat TV and hang it on the wall – it looks wonderful and does not take up an extra place.

Try to prevent chaos. Creative mess on the table is only in spacious rooms. And scattered books, magazines and other small things will turn a small room into a tiny cell. But if you fold them with neat even stacks – this will create the illusion of an orderly space.

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