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How to find the ceiling in the room yourself

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This article will discuss in detail the question of how to properly beat the ceiling without the help of a team of professional builders.

It seems that the whitewashing of the ceiling has long sunk into oblivion, because so many new technologies have appeared. There are stunning eyes with hanging constructions made of drywall, and multi -colored painting using hundreds of types of water -based, and ceilings finish with special tiles, and a variety of wallpaper, which are designed specifically for this part of the room.

But many people still prefer to find the ceiling with the help of a brush and chalk.

So, let’s begin.

Watching is best starting, like any other work, from the preparation of the surface.

First you need to remove old lime with warm water and spatula. Leave a wet surface for a while, and then scratch it, and the lime will perfectly leave without a drop of unnecessary efforts.

Furniture, which remained for the time of whitewashing in the room, must be closed with a film so as not to pollute it and then not bother with cleaning your favorite sofa.

After the old lime was cleaned, you need to proceed to the primer priming.

This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, so be patient and just buy a special primer. It levens the surface and save you from the need to paint holes and small irregularities.

And after that you can already proceed to the main action – directly to the whitewashing of your ceiling.

To do this, you can use lime, or chalk. But this is completely old. In order not to strain too much, you better go to any construction store of your city and get Belila there, which will go well and not crumble too much. Yes, and the ceiling, processed with such a coating, will serve noticeably longer and will bring you only pleasure with its excellent appearance.

If you have not previously been engaged in such work, then it is preferable to buy a sprayer that will help to whitewash the ceiling smoothly and beautifully, without a single flaw.

You can also buy a roller or brush. The roller will turn out to be noticeably even, and with a brush it is worth tinting some inaccessible places.

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