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Classification of cellars on the site how to choose to equip

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A regular cellar for storing cans with cucumbers and fresh vegetables is a familiar phenomenon for houses on personal land plots. But to create your own, unique wine cellar is a much more interesting and creative thing. Oddly enough, even the amateur in construction will cope with this task.

In the basement of the house, you can equip a cellar for storing home wine or your own collection of a meeting of wines. The room must be without windows. The door of the cellar should be closed tightly, without gaps. It is desirable that it is made of a massive oak. The walls must be covered with brick, having previously cleansed their surface from previous coatings (paint or plaster).

For masonry, it is better to choose red porous brick. Since the base of the walls already exists and is quite durable, it is maintained by the method “in half a brick”. To give masonry aesthetic type, it is necessary to make the seams. The floor must be filled with sand, compact and fixed with a layer of gravel. After that, the floors are concreted, and a cement screed is made for strength.

When arranging a wine cellar, two ventilation holes must be made. One of them should be located at the floor level, and the other, on the contrary, at the ceiling level. The opposite location will provide air ventilation.

The obligatory element of the wine cellar is the presence of shelves for storing wine. The basis of the structure is laid out of brick as walls. For the manufacture of the shelves themselves, you will need wood wood or oak boards. To place bottles in the form of a pyramid, shelves should be located so that each of them can be placed 50 bottles. Another way to build shelves is by analogy with a bookcase, only for storage of wine, not books. These shelves must be divided by vertical partitions, for each bottle separately.

The construction of the wine cellar can be completed on this, but for creative people there is an option to think over the arrangement of a “corner” for tasting, with a wooden table and ancient chairs.

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