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Parquet board that is a feature

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If you decide for serious repairs in your house, pay attention to such a flooring as a parquet board. Not everyone likes oak parquet, which over time can shatter, cry and requires special care. A parquet board made of natural wood is less demanding. However, it, firstly, is almost completely suitable for use as a finished product, because it does not need to be cycle. Secondly, a parquet board from a good manufacturer has a very high-quality and unusually beautiful upper finishing layer. The parquet board does not “lead”, like piece parquet, with changes in humidity and temperature. In addition, the parquet board has another important advantage compared to piece parquet – it is much cheaper.

Of course, piece parquet is made of solid wood of the highest quality. But it is for this reason that it is used today infrequently. And a special glued board, as one of the varieties of parquet, has become a way out of this situation.

Parquet board is a design of several layers of natural wood. Depending on the design, the base of the board can be one- or two-layer. For the manufacture of the middle and lower parts of the board, inexpensive wood rocks are used, and the upper layer is made of high -quality wood of valuable rocks. As a rule, for the manufacture of the middle and lower layer, coniferous wood wood is taken, and for the upper – the elite veneer of the toss, oak, beech and maple.

Paul from the parquet board can be put without resorting to the service of the master. Each board has a groove and a scallop, so that the collection of the floor should not cause difficulty. The rules for laying a parquet board are the same as a piece parquet. If the room has one window, it is advisable to lay the rows of boards perpendicular to the window. Diagonal styling is also possible, beautifully changing space and independent of the windows, wall angles, etc. P. (The disadvantage of this location is that about 15 % increases the consumption of the material). It depends on how you decide to put the board, whether the room will become visually or wider.

You can buy a polished but not opened parquet board. However, most consumers are more to taste completely finished material, t.e. a protective coating board – the upper layer of varnish.

The parquet board provides high sound and thermal insulation, resistant to mechanical damage and deformations. Thanks to the hygroscopicity of the tree, such a board has the ability to regulate a microclimate in the room. In addition, it is easy to care for the parquet board – it can be enough to wipe the floor with a damp rag.

A high -quality parquet board is supplied by Magnum (Czech Republic), Haro (Germany), Coswick (Canada), Esco Parket (Holland ─ Chechia), Tarkett (International Company), Tavolini Flors (Russia), Karelia (Russia), Admonter (Austria ). Each of these companies offers several collections of parquet board. В качестве примера скажем, что одна из коллекций, предлагаемых компанией Esco Parket, —Esco Chateau — включает следующие разновидности цветов: CHATEAU Cherry (вишня), CHATEAU Cognac (коньячный), CHATEAU Eben (эбеновый), CHATEAU Gothic (готичный), CHATEAU Grey (noble gray), Chateau Nature (natural), Chateau Walnut (classic nut), Chateau White (natural whitened). Each of the collections of each company is good in its own way, and certainly there will be what to choose from.

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