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We buy a used car (choice of choice)

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Every man, whether it is a novice businessman or just a student, dreams of a four -wheeled friend. But not everyone can immediately come to the car dealership and at once put a pack of crispy bills for a brand new nickel car “miracle”. Of course, there is a car loan, installment plan, but some of us are not even able to. So you have to choose from used cars. What do you need to know so that when choosing a car former not to get into a mess?

Choose a car brand. Going to the car market or going to call the ads, you must clearly understand for yourself: what kind of brand do you want to purchase. To do this, use a car catalog and write down for yourself several positions suitable in appearance, technical characteristics and, of course, price.

American or European model? American cars consume more fuel than their European “counterparts”, and among them there are almost no cars with diesel engines. In addition, they need more attention to the suspension and the level of equipment. So the choice between “American” and “European” is better to make in advance.

Choose the type of fuel. The younger the car, the higher the requirements for the quality of the filled gasoline. If you try to save on high-quality gasoline (AI-98 or AI-95), then very soon “go broke” on the spare parts. If your choice falls on a car with a diesel engine, then your gain will only be in the cost of the fuel itself, but serving such a car will be more expensive due to a higher cost of parts for diesel cars. Small trick. It is better to take a gasoline for yourself, since it does not need too frequent replacing filters with gaskets, and indeed, it works better. For work, you should choose a diesel option.

Advantages and disadvantages of restyling. As a rule, restyled models are spared from the shortcomings of their previous versions. It is understood that you have to pay more for this, and sometimes much. Ask yourself a question-whether you need a new model that differs from the previous only original xenon headlights and some other trifle? And is it more profitable to purchase a car in its previous version, while saving one and a half to two thousand dollars?

Where does the car come from? When choosing a car, look at the run indicators and ask what time it is in the country. If it turns out that less than one year, then it is unlikely to buy it. It may be restored after the accident or have any significant drawbacks. But in any case, buying a used car, you must certainly carefully inspect it and determine its technical condition.

Visual inspection. We look at the color. In particular, in the field of monophonic painted parts of the car body. It happens that the paint on some details does not quite coincide with the main color – and this indicates that the car was restored and tinted after an accident. Carefully inspect the dents if they are. Small dents from gravel, with cooled paint, will soon lead to corrosion, which in the end can finally deprive the “product species” machine.Ask the seller to open the hood and carefully look: in what condition the wiring is, and if there is no accident in the motor compartment. Listen to how the car engine is working in the state. If quietly, this is a good sign, there is a hope that everything is in order with it. If a car with a diesel engine – observe if black smoke from the exhaust pipe comes out when bastling. Listen to listen to the seller’s endless monologue, tired of praising your car. Better ask him to drive several kilometers through the crossed area. If the suspension is knocking, reject this option at once. While you go – pay attention to whether all the buttons of the dashboard are in working condition, whether an electric package is functioning. All the shortcomings of the car and problems you have noticed in its work should not be discussed immediately with the seller. Go with him for diagnostics.

CAR DIAGNOSTICS. Even if you like the car, it will not be superfluous to hear the opinion of a professional. One hundred is chosen arbitrarily, and not at the request of the seller, where he may have friends. If there is not enough money to complete diagnosis, you need to diagnose, at least, the engine and suspension. This will already give you a certain confidence that you are buying a normal car, and not a “cat in a bag”. Diagnostics is best done on the same day, without delay “for later”.Guided by all points given in the article, you can choose a decent version of a used car for yourself without even being a specialist as an Auto-mechanical.

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