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What is the modern construction industry

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The construction industry provides today a lot of materials that perform the functions of the floor covering. But how can all this be compared with the good old parquet?

Perfectly polished and varnished parquet creates the impression of quality and wealth in the room. This is quite expensive floor material, therefore, expensive woods are used for its production.

To lay the parquet, a screed is first made, which serves as the basis. The screed of PVA dispersion is processed and then sheets of chipboard are laid on the screed in order to become an excellent basis for the subsequent laying of the parquet. To fix this structure, punch holes through a sheet of chipboard into a screed, drive a dowel and with the help of self -tapping screws finally strengthen it. You can and should use a screwdriver, since perform such work with a screwdriver for a long time and painful. It is very important that in the process of tightening the screw, its hat is drowned into a sheet of chipboard, otherwise it will be an obstacle to further laying the parquet.

Directly the laying process begins with marking, this is the line on which the first rows are laid. The popular way of laying parquet is the popular way to run up. The parquet should be laid not only for glue, but also on small cloves that are clogged into a dick at an angle of 90 degrees. It is impossible to see them after laying, the way they hide behind the next dick. It is better to use three nails on a dick, on the front side there are two and one in the side of the dick. For better clogging of such cloves, a thin paving and hammer is used. When laying the next row, the first layer is cut on the circular, to obtain the “run” effect. Thus, the entire laying process takes place.

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