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Hyundai Sonata for environmental protection

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Hyundai Sonata

Please tell me, well, can it be something more exciting than using as a designer guideline when developing a car-an excellent orchid?! Incredible sophistication and grace of lines, magnificent, non -loaded contours, lightness and grace became a guideline for developers Hyundai Sonata. Many buyers, in order to calmly park the brand new sonata, acquire road fences and furnish their personal space.

Having a slightly wave -shaped silhouette and characteristic lines, this car took its beginning from nature.

The Hyundai Sonata car also implements a conscious Hyundai course to protect the environment. Note that having only 140 g per 1 kg of carbon dioxide, the levels of its emission CO are fully consistent with all those levels of emission that Hatchback class has. The dashboard is equipped with an “Drive Eco” indicator – a device that resembles a driver about that it should adhere to economical car control.

Using the method of hot stamping, which is actively used in the production of Hyundai Sonata, allows for excellent safety characteristics for accidents. This was achieved due to the fact that the outer panel of the roof, as well as the middle racks are significantly strengthened, due to the use of high -strength steel.

A unique multiconus structure made of steel, as well as the hood frame, have mechanisms for repaying and absorbing the energy of shots during collisions, even including clashes of the forehead in the forehead.

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