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What materials to choose for repair in the children’s room

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The repair of the children’s room must be approached as responsibly and scrupulous as possible. The materials that are planned to be used for finishing should be the most clean environmentally friendly. The floors must be selected with good heat-insulating properties that are resistant to pollution and moisture, in case the child sheds something.

The parquet is good material, but its minus is that it requires varnish or rubbing with mastic, and these materials emit harmful substances. Of the most harmless coatings for the children’s sex can be high quality laminate. It is expensive for the price, but it costs. Linoleum is also advisable to choose on an expensive natural basis. High -quality linoleum will not harm the child.

The best solution for the walls of the children’s room is ordinary paper wallpapers. Cheap and environmentally friendly. High quality is possessed by non -woven wallpaper, in no way inferior to paper. There are three types of wallpaper glue in the building materials market: synthetic, inorganic and organic. Synthetic contains acetone and phenol, harmful to health, from inorganic glue over time, wallpaper yellow. The safest for the child’s room will be organic glue.

No less responsibly should approach the choice of materials for ceiling decoration. The best thing is whitewashing or painting by a water -emulsion. Suspended ceilings will collect dust, and stretch contains not safe phenol. In addition, the usual whitewashed or painted ceiling can be decorated with stickers luminous in the dark, imitating the night sky. All work on updating the room for the child can be done with your own hands, except for installing a window. It is better to contact the masters here.

If it is necessary to replace the window, of course, the best option would be to install a high -quality wooden window or not a bad analogue from PVC. These materials are most acceptable for security and have good technical characteristics. Most modern materials are not safe, but the right choice and installation can make them the safest for operation.

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