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How to insulate the garage stages of the process with your own hands

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When it comes to insulation of the garage, the idea comes that not only the sled should be prepared in the summer, but also the room for them. In conditions of cold winter, the car content in the garage should be comfortable in terms of temperature and humidity. “Horses”, living in the garage, as you know, iron, and this material is able to undergo corrosion in the conditions of dampness and poor ventilation. So, garage insulation is an important and necessary event.

If the garage is metallic, then its walls need protection against condensate, which is invariably formed with a temperature difference from the outside and indoors. Before the start of insulation, it is necessary to degrease the walls in those places where glue will be applied for fastening the insulation. The easiest and most non -expensive way is to use foam as a warming base. For gluing, you can use liquid nails or bitumen glue.

As an additional protection, it is advisable to pre -apply a layer of mastic. The seams that are formed in the process of gluing foam plates are necessarily closed by sealant. If the metal garage has thin walls, then insulation can be carried out comprehensively – inside and outside. For outdoor insulation, liquid material applied using a sprayer is more suitable.

Of course, do not stop to warm walls. It is necessary to strengthen protection from the cold of the floor, roof and gate. A good choice for floor insulation is one of the new materials that has good reviews – Timplex. It is durable and withstands the temperature difference in the range from -50 to + 75 degrees. A cement screed is produced on top of Timplex.  The ceiling of the garage is insulated depending on the type of roof. If it is reinforced concrete, then it is better to conduct insulation from the outside. The main materials for this are foam, the top of which is fastened with a plaster screed.

Garage gates are insulated from the inside. To do this, a wooden crate is made, on the surface of which mineral wool or any other insulation is conveniently attached. For lining the gate, you can use the lining.

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