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House ventilation outside the city

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The design of the ventilation of the house outside the city or the cottage is required to be thought out when building a building. The design of such ventilation directly depends on several factors. From the size of the structure, the number of rooms and floors, the location of the doors and windows, the possibility of the external installation of the ventilation system. All projects and work should be completed according to GOST, Rules and Fire Safety standards.

The project must be developed with the miscalculation of the laying of air wires (under the floor, behind the suspended ceiling or in the walls), the locations of air distributors (plafones or grilles) so that the penetrating air does not create uncomfortable conditions in the rooms of people. Carefully check the connection of the wires so that they do not get confused.

The current technologies allow the use of the automatic system of supply exhaust ventilation. This is the most common and effective version of the ventilation system in which air masses are supplied to the room, and are removed by an exhaust system. Naturally, if the possibility of relaxed ventilation. In this case, both systems function simultaneously.

Their performance must be equal to exclude the difference in air pressure from the outside and indoors. First of all, it is necessary to take into account that most houses outside the city are provided with double -glazed windows, this allows for a sealed device.

Although with this “closed” the room, laid -back ventilation is difficult. Still, like the famous layout of the current building with zoning: the living room, individual bedrooms, kitchen -dining rooms, showers and rooms – it complicates the ventilation process even more difficult.

Subsequently, stagnation of air in the rooms is performed, harmful substances accumulate in it, humidity in sanitary nodes is enhanced, which, in the end, affects health.

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