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The temperature regime for creating the foundation

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Work on the foundation must only be carried out if a certain temperature regime is observed and nothing else. Temperature during the construction of the foundation should not be lower than -5 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower than it is supposed, then in this case it is necessary to use certain methods by which concrete can easily harden at the current temperature. Let’s look at the methods that allow you to build the foundation at a fairly low temperature. There is a heating method in which concrete is constantly heated by heat released from a special solution. This solution is prepared using water and steam, which are heated to a temperature of ninety degrees. The next method is the insulated formwork, also called the thermos method. In this case, the formwork is used, at the top of which there is a certain protective layer. Also, for faster hardening of concrete, infrared sources are often used, or electrode heating. In the first option, heat comes from emitters of various materials and diameters, and in the second – heat is used, which is released from the passage of electric current through concrete. Also, the desired temperature for solidification of concrete can be achieved using heating or thermactive formwork. You can also add special substances to concrete that lower the temperature of the concrete hardening to the necessary. It should be noted that it is the last described method that is characterized by the greatest prevalence due to its efficiency and effectiveness. So the construction of the foundation can be carried out at any time of the year, and a lot of means and methods will help you with this. At the same time, the damage caused by the far from the most suitable temperature regime, as a result, is minimized, since modern technologies in construction now allow us to achieve what has recently seemed absolutely impossible.

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